A Plan for Improving Health Benefits – And Your Bottom Line

Advanced Plan for Health has a plan to handle the rising costs of health care. If you’re a self-insured hospital, you don’t need to cut back on benefits or increase costs for employees. In fact, with our plan – designed just for you – you can improve benefits, save money and make your workforce more productive than ever.

Every hospital generates reams of claims data. To most people, it’s useless. To the people at APH, it’s gold. Because we have the technology, information and experience to turn that data into something truly useful – a customized health management system.

And here’s something we’ve learned along the way: data saves lives.

A Plan for Helping the 10%

In most hospitals, 10% of the people typically spend 80% of the health care dollars. At APH, we focus most of our energy on this small group and help you manage your benefit plan accordingly.

The idea is to use your information and our analysis to make sure the people who really need medical attention are getting it. Meanwhile, we give every employee every opportunity to improve their own health. This proactive approach is designed to improve health care quality and prevent larger, more costly medical problems down the road – which saves you money.

A Plan for Helping Your Neighbors, Too

By partnering with APH, you can also provide customized plans to help employees of the companies, school systems and government offices in your market. You can show them how they, too, can improve their health plan, finances and employee productivity.

With our help, your hospital can truly become the center of a healthy business community.

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